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Akame ga Kill! Opening 2 - "Liar Mask" (Extended Version)

Download video Akame ga Kill! Opening 2 - "Liar Mask" (Extended Version) with Mp4 Mp3 format only in [Video]
Name:Akame ga Kill! Opening 2 - "Liar Mask" (Extended Version)
Duration:3 mnt 56 dtk
Published:14 Oktober 2014
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:Note: This is a FAN-MADE extended remix, not the official full version.


You can purchase the full official release here:

Extended Version Download (Unwatermarked):

Next in line, I present an extended version to the second opening of the Akame ga Kill! アカメが斬る! anime, "Liar Mask", originally sung by Rika Mayama. As it was one of my most difficult songs to extend to date, there may be a few "hard" edits embedded within the music. I did the best I could though, to minimize those cuts. Hopefully it's still okay. Enjoy!

Secondary note: There is 1 watermark embedded within the song to (hopefully) discourage the official copyright holders from striking this video as well as to discourage other YouTube users from blatantly copying and re-uploading the audio/visual content onto their channels. If you would like to download/listen to the *unwatermarked* version, please message me either through YouTube or email, provided below. Thank you!

Email: weatherguy1128@