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Ucho Prezesa - S03E09 - Wszyscy, tylko nie on!

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Name:Ucho Prezesa - S03E09 - Wszyscy, tylko nie on!
Duration:15 mnt 46 dtk
Published:17 Mei 2018
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:There is still a lot of time before the presidential election starts, but the Chairman and his staff are already thinking about whom to endorse. Do you bet on proven players, or make some change?
The former presidents also decide to take care of this issue as they are sick of the ruling camp and helpless Adrian.

Robert Górski
Mikołaj Cieślak
Szymon Kuśmider
Waldemar Barwiński
Andrzej Grabarczyk
Tadeusz Chudecki
Maciej Kujawski
Robert Kudelski
Magdalena Karel
Łukasz Mateński
Cezary Pazura

We would like to thank Lavard, KappAhl and Fielmann for the help in making of the series.

THIS cabinet, which everyone's talking about, is the most important meeting place in the country. THIS chairman is the most important person, whose ear everyone wants to reach.
New episodes of “The Chairman's Ear” introduce new characters and takes us behind the scenes of true events.
The Chairman's Ear is a political mini-series created by Robert Górski, the leader of Kabaret Moralnego Pokoju.

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