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Angkernya Studio! Karma ANTV 6 Maret 2018 Eps 52 ( Selvi Kitty )

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Name:Angkernya Studio! Karma ANTV 6 Maret 2018 Eps 52 ( Selvi Kitty )
Duration:125 mnt 49 dtk
Published:06 Maret 2018
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:In Karma this episode, Selvi Kitty is present as a guest star.

The woman whose full name Selvi Isti Apriani shocked Robby Purba because he also has sixth sense.

Pedangdut Tasikmalaya birth, April 20, 1993 is admitted to see the figure of a child in the studio Karma ANTV.

When asked by Robby Purba how much negative energy is in the studio, Selvi replied, "lots of it!"

Karma ANTV that aired tonight, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, discusses the negative feelings of participants.

Launching the account instagram @ karmashowantv through instagram, it is said that the negative feelings of the participants can control them to be a negative person as well.

A negative person may be a selfless and selfish person, or a disease that does not heal.

Therefore, it is mentioned in the upload caption that it is important to control the feelings before the feeling of controlling ourselves.

What are the negative energies felt and perceived by Selvi Kitty?

Check out the Karma ANTV impressions trailer that aired today, Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 22:15 pm in uploading this instagram @karmashowantv account.

"Take control of your feelings before your feelings control you.

The negative feelings of the participants control them into negative ones. The self is selfless and selfish, even the disease that never healed. @selvikitty who have sensitivity also feel and see a lot of negative energies. Watch KARMA, Tuesday 6 March 2018 Pkl. Just In @antv_official

#karmashowantv #karma #acaraantv #antvkeren "

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