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(Jejak Puji Kuswati & Keluarga Surabaya) Agen Herbal Eks Suriah, Rumah Gedung Korban 4 Anak

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Name:(Jejak Puji Kuswati & Keluarga Surabaya) Agen Herbal Eks Suriah, Rumah Gedung Korban 4 Anak
Duration:3 mnt 39 dtk
Published:13 Mei 2018
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:The bomb blast at three churches in Surabaya, East Java, on Sunday (5/13/2018) shocked Indonesians.

Moreover, the perpetrator who detonated the bomb in the Christian Church of Indonesia was a mother and two children.

Launched Tribun Jatim, Mulyanto (55), a parking attendant at the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Diponegoro, Surabaya, East Java, admitted seeing three women walking fast toward the church before the bomb blast occurred on Sunday (13/05/2018) morning.

According to him, the three women consisted of one adult and two children who turned right in front of the church.

"About 8:15 pm, the congregation has come, but it has not started yet," he said as quoted by from Tribun Jatim.

The same thing was also delivered by Tardiyanto (49), a resident around GKI Diponegoro who saw three women about to enter the church at around 7:25 pm.

According to him, all three wear black clothes, wearing a vest and carrying bags

Tardi then said, after that, the explosion occurred in front of the church. He suspected, all three of them carrying bombs that then explode.

"I see his victim bomber all, I'm not lying, one girl was carrying a child two teenagers, it looks like her son," he said.

This is the figure of a mother who invites 4 children bomb bunih themselves

Police have revealed the identity of the alleged suicide bombers in three churches in Surabaya on Sunday (13/05/2018).

From the investigation, it was revealed that the perpetrator was Dita Supriyanto with his wife, Puji Kuswati and his four children.

Latest information, they are registered as citizens of Rungkut Wonorejo, Surabaya.

based on information revealed by the police, two Dita boys who acted in the Church of the Immaculate Santa Maria, were known to be 18 and 16 years old.

Those who live in Wisma Wonorejo Asri XI Block K No. 22 is indeed known to be closed.

even so, in social media, the wife of Dita is known quite actively uploading photos of their children, at least 2 years ago.

An account that allegedly belongs to Puji Kuswati often upload photos, especially his youngest child, Famela Rizqita.

He last uploaded on his Facebook account in 2014 ago.

Judging from the track record on his Facebook homepage, Puji also once wrote some status about his life.

Moreover, he often writes the status of Islamic-sounding advice, and discusses life after death.