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Best Bridge camera under £100? | FujiFilm Finepix s8650 REVIEW & DEMO | Veena V

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Name:Best Bridge camera under £100? | FujiFilm Finepix s8650 REVIEW & DEMO | Veena V
Duration:9 mnt 15 dtk
Published:05 November 2014
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:Want to see the picture quality and INDEPTH review of Fuji Film Finepix s8650 / S8600 camera?
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1:37 - Unboxing
6:38 - Video and Photo test

CONS of fujifilm s8650 camera. WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

CANON POWERSHOT SX170 Vs Fujifilm finepix

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1) Why does your lens cap fall off mine doesn't?

I have no idea why mine falls off sometimes - I am just letting you know that it does! Some of you lovely youtube people have told me that in the box there is a black string which connect the lens cap to the camera and therefore it won't fall off :)

2) Is it really that difficult to use?

No - As I mention in my previous video about this camera - the more you use it the easier it becomes (this is with anything in life!)

3) Would you recommend that I get this camera?

Yes for this price it is great but please research other cameras before you buy. The photo quality is fantastic but I would not recommend this if you are planning on making lots of videos or vlogs.



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