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We AdVANCE: A Documentary Film on Patient Safety - Official selection: Global Health Film Festival

Download video We AdVANCE: A Documentary Film on Patient Safety - Official selection: Global Health Film Festival with Mp4 Mp3 format only in [Video]
Name:We AdVANCE: A Documentary Film on Patient Safety - Official selection: Global Health Film Festival
Duration:50 mnt 30 dtk
Published:11 Maret 2018
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:"Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and Prairie Mountain Health present:

We AdVANCE - A Documentary Film on Patient Safety. Official selection: Global Health Film Festival, London, UK

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Official selection: Global Health Film Festival, London (31 October 2015):

Official selection: AWARENESS FILM FESTIVAL 2015


2015 Canada International Film Festival:
Rising Star Award - Documentary Feature Competition

Gold Award Winner - Documentary & Short International Movie Award

Donna Davis knew something was not right, but no one would listen to her. Donna is a nurse and ambulance attendant whose career has spanned almost forty years. She comes from the town of Carievale, Saskatchewan, and she is married with four children. On November 21, 2012, we listened to Donna’s heart wrenching account of the terrible suffering she and her family endured.

What can we learn from Donna’s experience? How can we ensure that patients and families are at the centre of health care?

Watch: We AdVANCE - A Documentary Film on Patient Safety


Dear Dr. Tavares

My professional and personal experience with patient safety allows me to see clearly what it really takes to transform our patient safety culture into a culture of which we can be proud.

Three observations:

Context is everything - while the capacity to change exists in every individual and every organization it must align with the organizational history, sense of urgency, readiness for change, culture, and degrees of leadership commitment.

Denial is our greatest threat – there is a gap between the patient safety outcomes we see on paper and what patients and providers experience. Silence, unawareness, indifference, and complacency are the greatest enemies of improvement.

It is all about relationships – honest and open relationships between all involved in care, providers, patients and families, together with a culture that supports healthy interactions and is rooted in true values are the sources to achieve excellence.

I commend you and your team in developing We AdVANCE. To me this DVD demonstrates all three mentioned above. This is a legacy not only to Vance and his family, it is also a legacy to all of our members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada.

Yours in patient safety,


Hugh MacLeod
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Dr. Alexandre Tavares has created a powerful video document entitled We AdVANCE that is a prescription for saving lives. His patient-as-trained-pilot metaphor conveys Dr. Tavares' belief in the power of patient- and parent-centered care. His desire to improve outcomes is grounded in research and fueled by his passion for excellence. Donna's story is a powerful, well-stated emotional appeal for change. Dr. Tavares’ On-Board model presented in We AdVANCE will create a seismic shift in the way professionals and patients think about patient self-advocacy that should have a significant positive impact on patient care. It's hard to imagine a health care professional not engaging in self-reflection after viewing this compelling video.

Jerome Schultz, NeuropsychologistLecturer on Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Author: "Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School, And What We Can Do About It"


We AdVANCE - A Documentary Film on Patient Safety

We AdVANCE – A Documentary Film on Patient Safety – Film Script:


Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety - website:

Canadian Patient Safety Institute - website:

Dr. Tavares created the On Board Model inspired on what he learned in the books and training from Dale Carnegie / Dale Carnegie Programs, books from Harvard Negotiation Project, books on motivational interviewing and from books and training on cognitive behavioral therapy."