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2주일에 -4.5kg 감량 다이어트팁!! 표준-〉슬림 다이어트 법!🔥

Download video 2주일에 -4.5kg 감량 다이어트팁!! 표준-〉슬림 다이어트 법!🔥 with Mp4 Mp3 format only in [Video]
Name:2주일에 -4.5kg 감량 다이어트팁!! 표준-〉슬림 다이어트 법!🔥
Duration:17 mnt 55 dtk
Published:15 Mei 2018
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Hello it's Hanbyul!
Today's video is about my diet that I've been receiving so many requests about!!
This is the two-week diet that I do before an important video or occasion (or when I ate too much ^^)

I've included everything from common mistakes of dieting to a realistic diet method and efficient exercising, so I hope you guys watch til the end❣️


Blouse : #팜므뮤즈 ()
Earrings : #forever21
Necklace : #forever21
Lens : #오렌즈 블라썸 3콘 핑크 ()

✔️ NO's I wrote for the 2 weeks

1. NO carbonated drinks / No Can, Bottle drinks
2. NO chocolate when editing (No )
3. NO soup or stews
4. NO large No added
5. NO sitting or lying down right after eating
6. NO cereal in the morning
7. NO skipping lunch
8. NO not eating between lunch and dinner (small snack every 2 hours)
9. NO late-night snacks / NO eating from three hours before sleeping


(The actual memo is in Spain so I don't remember exactly😂😂)

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