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Racist and proud Persian girl!

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Name:Racist and proud Persian girl!
Duration:2 mnt 56 dtk
Published:11 Mei 2012
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:Another sample of Persian supremacist insulting other nations . She is reciting an alleged letter from the Last Sasanid king Yazdgerd to Arab Khalifate (although the Farsi grammar used in the letter reveals that it is most likely bogus! It looks like the views of modern Persian racists rather than a King's letter!) .
She obviously enjoys being a Persian! Look at her face when she speaks about Aryans! ( 2:25)
This is from a Persian speaking channel in LA, USA. Such a shame she is spreading hatred so freely in USA.
Unfortunately racism stays a long time with Iranians even when they immigrate to developed countries. Whats more sad is they teach their children who are born in other countries racism and supremacism toward others.