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Liar Mask (Akame ga Kill OP2)♪┊ENG DUB♫ ○ 【Cammie☕Mile 】

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Name:Liar Mask (Akame ga Kill OP2)♪┊ENG DUB♫ ○ 【Cammie☕Mile 】
Duration:1 mnt 40 dtk
Published:26 November 2014
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:EDIT: I did a re-do
Because of the complaints for the mixing in this, a little less than a year later I decided to finally re-record it. Go check it out!

Finally wrote one of my own. I don't own anything but the Lyrics in that case.
Which you're free to use with credit and my blessings, if you'd like.


The moon above us starts to crumble burning into dust
as it sinks to the dawn of a new day

With this face that I will keep hid, drawing closer as you bid
I will take everything you know, dropping it as you cry
Like prey caught in the spider’s web, there is no more to be said
Without thinking of it all, I look up to the sky

Tragedy that is played on repeat, hidden faces laughing so ominously
To keep from losing anything more, I’ll draw this blade to protect all of those that I love

Smothered by the darkness sullied with a broken smile
I’ll release all my anger just to let it go
I will cut through this offering to send a prayer above
It doesn't matter how the tears and blood will flow

I’ll stain it all red just so everyone will know