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Hollywood's Spies by Laura B. Rosenzweig (#2 of 4)

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Name:Hollywood's Spies by Laura B. Rosenzweig (#2 of 4)
Duration:2 mnt 50 dtk
Published:16 Mei 2017
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:This clip is #3 of 4 describing the content of the book Hollywood's Spies by Laura Rosenzweig, (New York University Press, 2017). To view all 4 clips and to get more information on the book, go to

Hollywood's Spies (New York University Press, 2017) tells the unknown story of Hollywood's resistance to domestic Nazism in the 1930s. During the decade, the Jewish moguls of the motion picture industry paid private investigators to infiltrate Nazi groups operating in Los Angeles. Stunned by the collusion among these groups and the German government to foment a Nazi revolution in this country, the moguls worked discreetly behind the scenes with local and federal authorities to expose the threat of Nazism to the American people.