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Donny Parenteau with Michele Dubois - Imagine A World

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Name:Donny Parenteau with Michele Dubois - Imagine A World
Duration:4 mnt 17 dtk
Published:08 Oktober 2013
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:"It starts with a dream. My dream is that the whole world will be a bully-free zone" - Donny Parenteau

One of Canada's most nominated recording artists, Donny Parenteau speaks passionately to groups on a wide variety of topics, but most dear to his heart is the series he does for schools entitled "It Starts With A Dream". Recently after one of his talks, Donny had a conversation with a young girl who had been bullied. He was so moved by this conversation that he wrote "Imagine A World". It's an anti-bullying song intended to make a strong stand and to create change in the lives of both bullying victims and the instigators. "Imagine A World" is performed in song and on video by Donny Parenteau with Michele Dubois.

--Imagine A World with No Bullying--

National Anti-Bullying Week - November 18 - 22
"The future is Ours. Safe, Fun and Connected"

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Directed by Adam Kitter
Produced by
Executive Producer: Vic Dubois
Concept by Donny Parenteau
Featuring: Donny Parenteau and Michele Dubois
Camera Operators: Adam Kitter, Dylan Hryciuk
Special Thanks to: Aj Salen, Bailey Unrau, David Banman, Dane Macfadden, Janae Johnson, Carter Ramsay,Sierra Dale, Reese Nash, Kailey Ledoux.