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How to Fix a Broken Furnace Ignitor

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Name:How to Fix a Broken Furnace Ignitor
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Published:15 Februari 2015
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:I need to know how to fix a broken furnace ignitor.

Talk about the light being on, but no one is home.

The light is not coming on, which is the problem.

First makes sure the thermostat is set to a warm temperature and the heat button flipped to on. If you have not turned on the heat, the problem is not the furnace.

I’ve fiddled with the thermostat enough that I know that is not the problem.

If the unit starts and then dies several times, the thing may not be igniting due to unsafe conditions. If it fails to come on after dying a few times, you more likely have a lockout situation.

But a lockout situation is a safety switch of sorts, so that the unit does not keep cycling, potentially making things worse. How can I tell if the problem is the ignitor?

Turn on the furnace, watch to see if the flame comes up. If the flame starts and then gets shut off, the flame sensor may be the problem instead of the ignitor itself.

What if the flame does not start up or starts with a lot of noise?

Then I’d guess that the gas valve may be having problems.

Check to see if the gas valve is letting any gas in at all.

There would not be a flame if there was not.

True; if there is no flame, the problem might be the lack of gas instead of lack of ignition.

Try the light and see if it comes up correctly. If it does not light, the issue may be the thermocouple.

What if the pilot light comes on but it is really noisy?

Then you need minor repairs and can call an HVAC repair man, before going nuts about the bill.

That’s going to be bad in any case. Warranties only cover parts for so long and never the labor.

Check the air filter. If it is dirty, replace it so the pilot light gets enough air.

I’d expect that to be part of the regular service agreement.

If it gets dirty faster than expected, you probably have soot in the gas line, a bad ignitor malfunctioning or burning incompletely or a broken igntior. If you’re lucky, the issue is really a burnt out fuse, since that’s easy to fix.

How do I fix the broken ignitor?

Assuming it is not a fuse or electrical -

Gas furnace.

Get the furnace ignitor cleaned, if it is clearly dirty. Then try lighting it and seeing if it burns.

Then see if it works.

If it does not, call in the big guns.

More like big bills.