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「DS」Miss Murder [4 Years Anniversary MEP]

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Name:「DS」Miss Murder [4 Years Anniversary MEP]
Duration:3 mnt 17 dtk
Published:26 Juli 2017
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:A whole 'nother year on this channel, we have produced 16 MEPs including this one, and we have gained 14,000 new subscribers.
It's really crazy to me to think that it's even possible that 4 years later I'm still running this channel, but I still don't wish to ever stop doing so.
I've made incredible friends in this studio, all which I have massive respect for editing wise. Without everyone who dedicates their time and hard work into this studio, we would be dead like any other DR studio. I am truly grateful for all of them.
I would like to apologize in advance for not having a crazy or super meaningful MEP to showcase to everyone for this special day, for 1940 kept us quite busy, however I still hope the hard work shows off and everyone appreciates the MEP!


Intro: Resolute J
Track 1: cyan verses - Kirigiri Kyouko
Track 2: KaddamiMysu - Ryouko Otonashi
Track 3: genocidermoe - Sonia Nevermind
Track 4: Suika no Baka - Celestia Ludenberg
Track 5: Waifo - Leon Kuwata
Track 6: uwusugi - Tsumugi Shirogane
Track 7: korori chi - Junko Enoshima
Track 8: FrozenRetsu - Monaka Towa
Track 9: Tamashinohi - Kaito Momota
Track 10: xNekoAMV - Korekiyo Shinguji
Track 11: Niiblets - Komaeda Nagito
Track 12: xsiggix - Ouma Kokichi
Track 13: Kuomi - Mikan Tsumiki
Track 14: Taeko Yasuhiro - Fukawa Touko
Track 15: amornauriit - Gundam Tanaka

Footage: Danganronpa