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Akame ga Kill OP2 - Liar Mask (FULL Version)

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Name:Akame ga Kill OP2 - Liar Mask (FULL Version)
Duration:4 mnt 52 dtk
Published:29 November 2014
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:Akame ga Kill OP2 – Liar Mask (Full Version)!

The single just came out a couple of days ago, and I wanted to arrange and upload yesterday (Friday), but it’s exam time now for me and that takes priority.

I haven’t done a full version for a while – and man, it takes so much more work than just a TV size transcription (longer time needed to arrange and record, longer time needed to render and upload), but in the end I really like how it turned out. Sometimes TV size is just too short or too little~ It’s also more interesting due to the fact that I get to interpret the middle sections of the song as well as more variations between the verses and chorus. Hopefully I can upload more full version arrangements in the future.

For next week’s upload, it’ll be a special collaboration. :3

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Piano arrangement by Tehishter

Original song:
Composer: Tomo., 大塚剛毅
Arranger: Tomo., 大塚剛毅, Susumu Akizuki
Lyricist: Tomo., 大塚剛毅
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