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[ASMR/Fantasy Merman Roleplay] Strong, Firm Merman Stalks You

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Name:[ASMR/Fantasy Merman Roleplay] Strong, Firm Merman Stalks You
Duration:11 mnt 0 dtk
Published:12 September 2017
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:***[ASMR/Fantasy Merman Roleplay] Strong, Firm Merman Stalks You***

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Have you ever dreamed or had a fantasy about an adventure under the sea? An adventure where a merman stalked you because he secretly needed your help with something? Well, now you can come along for the journey in this male ASMR Fantasy Merman Roleplay! This Strong, firm merman will stalk you because he needs help with something very important. He was previously wounded and he now needs your help to go out and gather several different things in order to help him heal up fully. Oh, and another needs you to fix him up once you gather all of his supplies that he's asked you to go out and find. The first thing he needs is golden seaweed. This super rare seaweed shimmers like gold and is almost impossible to find. It's used by merfolk to clean wounds and keep them from getting infected. Second, he needs a quill from a Pufferfish so you can help him sew up his wound. Finally, he needs you to find an incredibly rare purple glowing crystal that will aid in quick healing. Before you find these items however, you must catch a glimpse of him as he stalks you, then he will appear to you so you can fix him up. He will then have a reward for you for catching him and helping him. This script was a fun one, and the voice acting was pretty easy. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.

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