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AirAsia Wonderful Flight Experience: AK704 Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

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Name:AirAsia Wonderful Flight Experience: AK704 Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
Duration:10 mnt 0 dtk
Published:17 April 2015
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:AirAsia flight experience, with a team of awesome cabin crew, onboard a very short (just 33 minutes) but nevertheless, amazing flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur!

I almost missed this flight, owing to my misjudgement of time whilst being too engrossed in duty-free shopping (I was buying cake at Bengawan Solo for friends - highly recommended, by the way!). After rushing across the airport (all the way from Terminal 2 to 1), I reached the boarding gate out of breath but was nicely reassured by the smiling cabin crew that I did make it for the flight.

Onboard, the cabin crew displayed a very positive attitude from the start and throughout; cheerfully interacting with passengers and delivering a personalised service despite the short flight time. It is great that AirAsia provides passengers with the option of purchasing their favourite snacks and beverages at affordable prices.

The AirAsia onboard experience is very enjoyable. By landing, I was feeling very relaxed and calm, having recovered from the awful situation I had tangled myself in earlier at the airport.

Thank you very much to AirAsia and the team of amazing cabin crew for making this short flight experience a wonderful one despite my rough start. #togetherwestand

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