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AirAsia awesome safety announcement @ AK1366

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Name:AirAsia awesome safety announcement @ AK1366
Duration:2 mnt 21 dtk
Published:07 Agustus 2013
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:Whenever the seat belt sign is on, you must return to your seat and fasten your seat belt. If you can not find your seat belt, you might be sitting on your seat belt. Should an oxygen mask like this drop from the compartment above you, don't panic immediately pull the mask towards you, place the mask over your nose and mouth with the headband tightly around your head and breath (*ahh ahh* *ahh ahh*) Place your own mask first before assisting other under your car especially children or any adult who may act like a child. The life vest is under your seat. Underwear -- under your seat. To use it, slip it over your head like this. Clip on the waist band and pull it very very tight. At the exit before leaving the aircraft pull the red tag (tag) (tag) to inflate your life vest. Do not inflate your life vest until you are at the exit as this will slow down the evacuation flow. Your life vest has an auto tube for further inflation the light comes on when in contact with water, blow this whistle to attract attention of other rescuers. Evacuation slides are located at all exits, .... the emergency exits are located there are being pointed out to you, now, baring in mind that the nearest exit maybe just behind you.

During the evacuation leave your iphone, leave your Blackberry, leave your iPad, leave your boyfriend, leave all your hand luggage. If smoke is present please keep low (low) (low) (low) and follow the path light to the nearest exit as indicated. You will find a copy of this safety information card in your seat pocket. It is beautiful like there's a lot of nice pictures. Please study the operations of the exits in the safety card. We are watching you. As this is a non-smoking flight please do not smoke throughout the flight, smoking in the toilet will activate the alarm, if you wish to smoke you can go outside the aircraft. Thank you for your attention.