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Model Portfolio Fashion Shoot Behind The Scenes

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Name:Model Portfolio Fashion Shoot Behind The Scenes
Duration:2 mnt 51 dtk
Published:30 Mei 2018
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:1080p HD
For this shoot I was working on a models fashion portfolio and adding some new images to her book. We actually did this shoot some time ago but I have had so much work on that I am just catching up now and getting round to posting this video.

This was a spring and summer clothing photoshoot so the theme was light and bright, and so that these images last longer without getting outdated quickly the wardrobe was really clean and simple.

I have worked with Sabrina our model a number of times and she is so beautiful and fun to work with. Movement in my opinion is so important in fashion photography and that is something that Sabrina is confident to do.

Some of my favorite images ever are taken in that moment in time between two static points. This creates motion in the clothing and model. When there is movement there is less tension and fluidity in the body and this translates beautifully in images.

That being said for a lot of models it takes practice to get comfortable with moving their body, especially in front of a camera and it is evident with the ones that spend time working on that. I have seen drastic changes in how good the images from person looks after they have been spending time practicing.

When there is fluid movement and rhythm from my subject then it is possible to enter into kind of a dance between the model and myself. This isn't a prerequisite for good photography by any means as static poses have created some of the most amazing images but motion and movement of the human body is something that I love to freeze in time.

Model: Sabrina

Photographer: Katherine Calnan


Clothing: Models Own

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Artist - Blank and Kytt

Album - Heavy, Crazy, Serious

Songs - 1. Thursday and Snow, 2. RSPN


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